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Call #2: Methods (March 2022)

Call for Methods-Oriented Microtwinnings


Application Deadline: 15.06.2022


The project TRAINCREASE – From Social Interaction to Abstract Concepts and Words: Towards Human-Driven Technology Development facilitates collaboration amongst the partners of the project via “microtwinnings”. A microtwinning involves the collaboration of Early Stage Researchers on short projects related to the research area, supervised by the staff at the 4 institutions. The “twin” or “triplet” or “quadruplet” ESRs teams will represent diverse skills.


This new call focuses on Methods and interdisciplinary methods integration for studying abstract concepts and abstraction. Emphasis will be given on connecting theoretical and empirical methods but also integrating diverse experimental techniques, such as experimental semiotics, experimental psycholinguistics, microanalyses of interactions and computational methods. The main challenges for the Methods-Oriented Microtwinning call, along which research lines should be organised, include: 

  1. Developmental psychology and robotics methods and models of abstract word grounding 
  2. A continuum of concrete-to-abstract concepts and their dependence on social interaction
  3. Theory of mind modelling for trust in human-robot interaction
  4. Abstract language for methods of explainable robotics and AI
  5. Integrating first and second-person experience in research on abstraction
  6. Embodiment of abstract concepts in real on-line interactions studied by microanalyses and movement analysis (e.g. trust, ownership, gender)
  7. The relation between concrete vs abstract concepts and communicative function in prelinguistic interaction
  8. Processes of abstraction in social interactive tasks and the role of group composition
  9. Low and high numbers and effectors involvement
  10. The use of agent-based modeling to study the interactive evolution of abstract concepts 


We invite you to submit specific projects pertaining to the aforementioned themes identified as the most important for the development of the field of abstract concepts and words, especially in the context of human-driven technology development. However, you can also propose (in a team or individually) your own microtwinning project regarding methods integration in research on abstract concepts and words. In case of any questions: do contact us. It is advised to discuss the project idea with the Supervisors (Angelo Cangelosi, Anna Borghi, Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi) or the ESR’s Project Manager (Konrad Zieliński) prior to the submission.


Applications for Projects/Teams


The filled form should be sent to traincrease.h2020@psych.uw.edu.pl by 15.06.2022


Individual submissions

If you are an Early Stage Researcher (i.e. Master or PhD Student) from the partnering institutions, you can also sign up individually describing your skills and scientific interests. We may be able to match you with a project. In this case please register here: https://forms.gle/m6BnjY2dvcGc5y3UA

However, we cannot guarantee that the places for every individual applicant will be available.